Die Anleitungen sind ergänzende Informationen für Studierende, Dozierende und vhb-Studierende.

FAQ für StudierendeFAQ for students (top)

How can I enroll in a course? (top)

The registration for the courses basically takes place in TUMOnline. If you register for a course there, it gets automatically transferred to moodle, along with all participants. For all of the courses that are not listed in TUMOnline, the corresponding lecturer is responsible.

Where are the courses, in which I'm enrolled, displayed? (top)

Below "My courses" in the left navigation bar, you can find all courses for which you are registered.

Why are some moodle courses not visible for me? (top)

When a course gets compiled, it is not visible for students by default. This way the lecturer can edit the course without the students watching him. It can happen occasionally that the lecturer forgets to set the course visible for students. Unfortunately, the support team is not authorized to set the course visible for students. In such case, please contact the lecturer via mail or telephone. He can surely help you with this.

What is a registry key? (top)

A registration key is a password, which the lecturer specially assigns for the course. You get it from the lecturer, normally in the first lecture.

How can I reach the courses of the language center? (top)

To attend a language course, you may have to pass a placement test at first. To select the language placement test, click on "Weitere Einrichtungen" -> "Sprachenzentrum" -> "Sprachtests" in the course list in the current term. Then choose the test for the required language.

If problems occur and you need to repeat the test, please contact the lecturer of the course.

Not all courses where I'm logged in are visible. Did I do something wrong? (top)

No, because not to each TUMOnline course there existing an additional moodle course. It is optional for the lecturer to request an additional moodle course

Please check first, if the course, in which you are enrolled exists on moodle. If you're not able to access such courses on moodle, please write a short mail at: Please name us only the course and its corresponding number.

Can I download the complete course material at once? (top)

Yes, this is possible. Forthis purpose, your lecturer has toprovide the block "Download materials". In the moodle FAQ, there is additional information below the question "How can I add the block "Download Material" into my course?"

Where can I find courses that are not listed in TUMOnline? (top)

Mainly, you find this courses below "Navigation" -> "Site home" -> "Course categories" -> "(current semester)" ->"Weitere Einrichtungen".
Furthermore, you can search for the courses using the search bar.

How do I deregister from a course? (top)

It is not possible to deregister from a course. If you want to deregister, please contact the lecturer of the course.

My course is empty. Do I have the appropriate rights? (top)

If a course is empty, the lecturer has either not entered anything into the course or not shared the content with the students. For this purpose, please ask your lecturer.

The delivery of an exercise is not possible. What should I do? (top)

If the contribution of an exercise is not possible, the deadline already has passed. In this case, please contact your lecturer.

Substantive questions about courses (top)

If you have substantive questions, please contact the lecturer who is responsible for the course.

I cannot open an already recorded Adobe Connect webinar, what to do? (top)

Generally, you can also start an Adobe Connect webinar in a course that you are subscribed to after record. If the webinar can't be started the cause is probably, that you applied to the course afterwards the webinar was taken. In order to see the recorded webinar events, please enter the current Adobe Connect webinar room first.

Therefore, please take the following steps:
1. Click on the correspondent activity ("Virtual Classroom") which you'd like to see the former recordings in.
2. Click on "Join Meeting" and wait for the new window to load properly. You can close the meeting room shortly after. This procedure is only acquired once and is for authorisation on the DFN server.
3. You can watch the recordings now.