1. Simplified editing of course sections (top)

Change section titles without leaving the page, speeding up your course creation. Simply click on the pencil icon besides the title to quickly rename the section.

2. Recycle bin for deleted elements (top)

Your deleted elements will now be stored in the Recycle bin. Therefore you can restore unintentional deleted activities etc. You can find the recycle bin in the "Administration" block after the deletion of an element.

3. New activity: Organizer (top)

The activity Organizer allows participants to subscribe to events, which can be created easily and efficiently by teachers. There is an optional wait list for the events.

4. New activity: Student folder (top)

In the activity Organizer participants either upload their documents in the student folder themselves or the lecturer imports documents from the activity assignment into the folder. The lecturer can decide which documents should be visible to all participants or name individual students to release documents.

5. New course format: Periods format (top)

This course format allows to set duration for each section (period) in days, weeks, months or years. Each section (period) may override this duration and and the duration can be set individually. The course settings allow automatically collapse or hide past or future periods. For the past periods it is possible to hide them from course view page but have each individual module still accessible through reports and/or gradebook.

6. Improved options for correction of submissions in the activity Assignment (top)

Grading Assignment submissions has got smoother with all elements on one screen and the ability to annotate over student submissions of different file types.

7. Downloading selected assignment submissions (top)

Select which submission you want to download for offline viewing from a new option in the menu.

8. Taggin of course activities (top)

Course activities and resources may now be tagged, making it simpler to find related content.

9. Pinned forum posts (top)

Important forum posts can now be pinned to the top of your list, making them more visible to your students. When adding a new discussion as a teacher, you can make it 'sticky' by ticking the box to 'pin' the discussion to the top of the list. Any forum discussions which come after that will appear underneath this pinned post. If you later untick the box to 'unpin' it, it will display as a regular forum discussion, moving down the list when others are posted.