Die Anleitungen sind ergänzende Informationen für Studierende, Dozierende und vhb-Studierende.

Important Blocks in Moodle (top)

1. Exabis E-Portfolio Tool (top)

You can use the e-Portfolio tool to manage your knowledge and arrange your materials thematically.
Then you can provide different parts of your knowledge resources (portfolio) for single (Moodle) users or user groups.
It is also possible to integrate your uploaded homeworks in moodle into your portfolio easily.

Here we have prepared a detailed tutorial for you.

Here you find more information directly at the developers home page.

To add the portfolio block, firstly click "Customise this page" in the top left of the starting page. Afterwards, choose "Add a block" -> "Exabis E-Portfolio" in the left navigation bar.

Exabis E-Portfolio

In the portfolio overview you can open your own portfolio, edit shared portfolios or export parts of your portfolio.


The content is presented clearly and well structured.

Verwaltung von Inhalten

2. Learning Groups (top)

With the block "Learning groups" it is possible to create learning groups out of moodle and to communicate with its participants in an own video conference room.

The block is currently in the BETA-Phase.