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Current information (23.12.2016) (top)

Dear lecturers and students in Moodle,

an important notice regarding the regulations of the usage of copyrighted literary works according to § 52a UrhG:

The involved authorities Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK), Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK) and the collecting society VG WORT have agreed on continuing the fixed payment for the claims of VG WORT according to § 52a UrhG until September 30th in 2017.

You can find the official announcement on the following website:

Consequential impact on Moodle:

Copyrighted literary works can be provided in Moodle courses beyond the previously mentioned deadline of December 31th in 2016 to the permitted extent according to § 52a UrhG.
The previously published measures for January 1st in 2017 regarding Moodle are no longer relevant. Therefore, the Moodle team will NOT switch any Moodle course to “invisible” for January 1st in 2017 and there is NO obligation for the lecturers to clear the courses of copyrighted material at the moment.

Information (19.12.2016) (top)

Dear students and lecturers on Moodle,

Due to various publications, it is currently apparent that an agreement was reached on the digital use of copyright-protected writings according to § 52a UrhG. Under the terms of this agreement, copyrighted literary works could continue to be used in Moodle courses until the end of the 2017 summer semester. This agreement is to be signed on 23.12.2016.

A corresponding newsletter from the university management was already sent to all lecturers of TUM on Sunday 18.12.

We recommend that you do NOT delete or disable Moodle courses or materials until further notice.

We will inform you promptly about further developments on this subject.

Original message to § 52a UrhG - changes taking place on the January 1st in 2017 (top)

Information for students (top)

Dear students,

Starting on January 1st in 2017 it is no longer allowed to upload any copyrighted material in the Moodle courses.

For this reason, we advise you to save all required online material on your computer as the lecturers will have to delete all of it from their courses.

Affected by this regulation are also Moodle courses from earlier semesters.

If one of your Moodle courses is not available after January 1st 2017, please contact the lecturer in charge.

Information for lecturers (top)

Because of changes in the contract with the collecting society VG WORT at the January 1st 2017, and therefore in the reimbursement of copyrighted texts, it is no longer possible to upload copyrighted material to Moodle. The TUM decided not to join this new contract of VG WORT, which requires a reimbursement of every text separately. On account of this, the TUM is not able to refer to article §52a UrhG anymore.

For you as a lecturer, this implies that uploading copyrighted texts to Moodle is no longer allowed beginning at January 1st in 2017. Furthermore all copyrighted texts which are already in Moodle courses have to be deleted or hidden by then.

Procedure regarding the copyrighted writings following the changes in article § 52a UrhG (top)

Moodle courses of the last four semesters (including SoSe 2015):

Please check whether any copyrighted documents are accessible in your Moodle course. Hide or delete these documents. The lectures are accountable for terminating the accessibility of the copyrighted material in their Moodle courses until January 1st in 2017.

The material that is still permitted as well as the material that must be deleted is listed below.

Earlier Moodle courses (including WiSe 2014/15):

These Moodle courses are hidden starting on January 1st in 2017.

It is possible for the lecturer to make these courses visible again for students, if they are free of copyrighted documents. Just follow the quick steps below:
Administration -> Course administration -> Edit settings -> Visible

The activity "Digitalization":

Material that has been provided by the activity “Digitalization” in Moodle until now will NOT be further available after December 31th in 2017.

Please inform your students and participants that required documents from the Moodle course reserve should be downloaded and saved on their computer in December 2016.

Allowed and not allowed materials in Moodle courses after January 1st 2017 (top)

 allowed and not allowed materials after 01.01.2017

1: Writings with a free license: Some writings have a “Creative Commons”-license or an “Open-Access” – license. These writings can be used as a whole or in parts on condition that author and license are mentioned.

Additional options (top)

A temporary solution to use texts that do not fulfill the criteria is using the physical course reserve provided by the library. More information can be found at