----- For Lecturers -----

1. Layout (top)

The course settings, course backup and restore, and turn editing on functions can now be found in the header at the right by clicking at the “wheel” icon.
Moodle Course Administration

2. Reminder for grading (top)

When creating a task, it is possible to define a ‘Grade by’ reminder to remind you of the valuation of the assignments.
Moodle reminde me to grade

3. Accepted file types (top)

When creating an assignment, file types which the students can submit can be specified.
Moodle accepted file types

4. Collapse of comments (top)

Comments in the evaluation can now be collapsed to ensure the legibility of the original text.

5. Drag and Drop media (top)

Files and media can directly be inserted onto the course page by drag and drop.
Moodle add media to course page

5. Stealth activities (top)

Individual activities can be hidden on the course page and still be available to the students by "make available". Thus, for example, a link to the test can be carried out, although it can not be seen on the course page. This is for clarity of the course page, since all tests can be combined on one page with the corresponding links.
Moodle available, but not on course page

5. Delete multiple questions (top)

When editing the test content, multiple questions can be selected and removed simultaneously.
Moodle select multiple questions

----- For Students -----

Accepted file types (top)

When submitting an assignment the required file type is displayed.