1. Simplified editing of course sections (top)

Options for editing, highlighting, hiding and deleting sections are now combined into one action menu streamlining the course page and simplifying the editing process. Just click on "edit" in the right upper corner of the course section and the drop down menue opens.

Editing of course sections

2. Improved filtering options (top)

On the Enrolled users screen, course participants may be filtered by last course access and not in any group. The no group option is also available from the Groups overview screen.

Better filtering for users

3. Improved chart modulation in the text editor (top)

Now you can add and configure tables more easily when working with the text editor. It is now possible to chose the frame style and color without working on the HTML code. Also, here are some new equations in the equation editor.

New table configuration

4. New import filter for MS Word and Google Docs texts (top)

The new import filter allows you to upload text written with MS Word or Google Docs more easily without losing its structure. Just open the filter window "Paste special", copy and paste the text into the according field, choose the used program and click on "Complete paste".

New filter to paste content

5. Displaying metadata of updoaded data (top)

In the new file setting you can now choose to display the date a file resource was uploaded or changed and its file size, giving students a better user experience.

Show metadata for files

6. Simplified creation of matrices (top)

Easy creation of matrices is now possible with the "Matrix editor". Therefore click on the buttton for matrices and create your matrix in the new window.

Editor for matrices

7. New activity Quiz-in-video (top)

The new activity Quiz-in-video enables you to blend questions into a video. Therefore you can use any question type and also the question bank.
(→ Detailed Instructions (PDF))

8. Personalised allocation of feedback data in "Assignment" (top)

You can now easily assign feedback data to the corresponding student. Just click download all submissions, fill in the files with your feedback data and transform all the files back to a zip file. Then, click on "Upload multiple feedback files in a zip" in the activity "Assignment" and all files will be allocated to the according students.

9. Code runner (top)

The new question type "code runner" enables you to create a programming task for an e-test.