The application of moodle courses is only possible for lecturers at TUM

Please request a course, only if this course doesn't already exist in TUMoline and if you would like to request a new course, independent from TUM online

If your course already exists in TUMonline, please detail the category "eLearning” into this course: Allocation of a moodle course in TUMOnline 
The course and its participants get automatically transferred from TUMonline to moodle.

If you would like to request a moodle course, which is not embedded in TUMonline, please follow the following steps:

Step 1

Please log in on moodle, so that you can get authorized by the platform.
Login name: your main email address, which you register with on TUMonline
Password: The same as for TUMonline
If further colleagues would also like to log in on your course as lecturers, they should log in, too.

Step 2

Please fulfil the most important information about the course (course description):
1. Name of the course
2. Short name of the course (25-30 signs)
3. Additional you can complete following information:
a) The chair of the course
b) Names of further lecturers, who also use the course or are allowed to make changes in the course

Click here to request a course.
Then the course will be generated and the lectures will be assigned.